Server displaying url cannot be resolved error

Hi frns

I need some very urgent help. Our client server is giving us a very peculiar error we have never got before. And my team is not able to identify if it is a server error or a coding error.

We are using redirection(not sure if that is the issue).
The message that it gives is: Error: Requested Content “” (for eg.) cannot be resolved.

Please if anybody knows what is the issue or has faced it earlier, let me know.


@manushree patil


[]see if resolves in a browser, if so.
]use your debugger and trace the events that lead up to the redirection and the redirection its’ self.
[]Or, if you don’t have/don’t know how to use a debugger then use echo, var_dump($variable_property_or_object) and find out if http error codes are being suppressed or written to a log instead of the screen. within the redirectorl. If this checksout then…
]Check you apache or IIS logs. Rather than do an exhaustive search of these, Run your application so to trigger an error and then check the logs close to the same time where this is done. You will see server errors their.

its just because of an ACCESS POINT error. If you connect via a Mobile device, Try disconnect it and have a look for the Configuration settings. Change it to NETCONNECT rather than having it with some other options. If you connect via a Wired connection, Try connect after deleting all the cookies, history and everything. I hope this info will be useful to You. Write back if you got any issues further. Tc.