SERPS results different using different computers ;-(

Hi from heavily snowing Wakefiled UK…

Ive been doing some on page SEO work on this sight to get it higher in the SERPS when the key in the phrase “York Wedding Photographer”.

You can imagine my delight when at home I entered the phrase and could see it was in a top three rank position but here is where the good news end. I get behind my works laptop enter the same keyphrase and the site is ranked on page three something like number 30 :frowning:

So my question is why Is my home laptop giving a very high position and my works laptop very low.

And secondly whats the best way of getting a true SERP measure.

And finally i did build the site through my home laptop which I wonder could have influenced things maybe.

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

Personalized search results, everyone gets different results based on the history of the PC being used, your logged in search history, etc…

And secondly whats the best way of getting a true SERP measure.

There is no more “true SERP measure” thanks to the above but if you needed to try you would clear your cookies, log out of any google apps, and access it through a proxy server (although others peoples searches from that server may impact the rankings).

Brilliant Thanks :slight_smile:

Add your website to Webmaster Tools and monitor keyword positions from there — the data will be aggregate, neutral.

I like this :slight_smile:

I would suggest you to use a different browser for checking your rankings for keyword. This will surely help you as I do it myself :). I use FF for my work and for checking rankings i use Chrome. After using the chrome I clear the cache and cookies