SERP's loss in google?!


Does anyone experience of losing their SERP’s on Google search engine when you’ve resubmit the sitemap.xml on GWT?

What to do and How do you deal with it?

Please give time to respond.

Thanks a lot

Is there any major page degradation during the create of site map.

May be you wrote copied content that’s why your site lost it’s SERP. Or sometimes sites vanished from indexing without any reason but appear later

301 redirect , and submit site map again

And how did you solve this in your XML sitemap?

Almost 6 keywords of my site were on page one of Google but they disappear just in one day, when i found problem, it was due to duplicate url issue. Google considering www and without www as two different pages.

XML sitemaps have no influence on ranking. They only influence crawl and discovery.

If you are seeing fluctuation in the SERPs, then it is most likely for other reasons - mostly competitor activity, back-link churn and day-to-day algorithmic updates.

your site may have some copy content

Newer sites tend to fluctuate for unexplained reasons.