Seriously, what's the new best thing for PHOTOS?

Wow, is there a lot of ways to show of photos on our website now a days ?? ishhh. Plus, if like me you do have a Community, it gets worst !!

There is Facebook photos by us and by our fans… there is flickr photo by us and by our group members… there is others sites such as Imageshack of Smugmug etc… Then there is some nice players like Slideshowpro or banner rotator… then there is the automated ones like Wordpress or Joomla based… then their is those galleries like Menalto… then there is some scripts like Phpfox or similar… then there is the forum based photos like in vBulletin… ishhhh!!

  • What is YOUR solution for showing of photos on your community website ?
  • Is there out there a new and perfect way to put all YOUR photos and your COMMUNITY photos at only ONE point ?