Serious Loading Issue

Hello guys,

I have a serious problem with website loading.
The website is !

I did a ping & traceroute test but i can’t figure out where is the problem.

I used Caching to eliminate High CPU usage, but the loading problem persist.

I hope that you give my at least an idea how to solve the problem

Best regards,

Why not get in touch with your host and get them to resolve the issue?

What I can see from here, the pagesize is 2.33MB for a pageload, avg loading time (from london) is 9.31s you have 130 requests, and many of the requests is making a DNS lookup, even when it gets served from same domain. Which takes a lot of the loading time (Around 4 seconds, if not more).

The problem that gives that long loading time, is the ‘antisnews-cache’ plugin or something, it forces a DNS lookup for every request.

Also there is a lot of data on images that is really useless, images can be optimized a lot, even lossless, specifying image dimensions will speed up the rendering of the page too…

Most of the content isn’t gzipped, which will save you transfer time… So what I can see, there is a lot of frontend performance needed.