September 2010 Photo Showcase: Science

Here is an opportunity to really be creative.
We are purposely very vague with this month’s topic:

I belive u couldve done a better work, with smaller size of pic!

I’ll have to make it to Florida, then. The rainbows I’ve been lucky enough to capture haven’t looked that nice.

Great lightning capture, Shallow_H20!

Thanks for the comment - welcome to the thread.
You make a great observation about the colors.
As a matter of fact, that photo is COMPLETELY UNPROCESSED. The rainbow was almosts unreal in person!

I have a particular affinity for clouds.
I am a “Card Carrying Member” of The Cloud Appreciation Society.

Sunlit Clouds

Here is an incredible [double] Rainbow I caught this week.

The photo is a still captured from a FlipHD video.

Nice rainbow shot. :slight_smile: Did you do any particular processing to get the rainbow colors so nice and vivid?

Great image of striking thunder. I like it.