Hello I have setup a GROUP_CONCAT within my loop that outputs data from multiple rows into one string. How would I link each row data separately?

echo '<a href="link">' . $row['like_user'] . '</a>';

The above outputs this:

<a href="link">1,2,3</a>

BUT, I want it to output this:

<a href="link">1</a>
<a href="link">2</a>
<a href="link">3</a>


Hi. This does not work. It still adds a href to the entire string instead of individually.

Removing group_concat is not an option for me.

Assuming that the result set has one entry per row, in a loop use.

echo "<a href='link'>{$row['like_user']}</a>";

If it’s not one entry per row, try removing the group_concat

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foreach( explode(',',$row['like_user']) as $id) {
     echo "<a href=\\"$id\\">$id</a>";