Ok, so I use SeoQuake on chrome right now and when I search for pages on google it displays the PR just like it is suppose to but when I try and sort the search results by PR it doesn’t change anything. Can someone explain to me how to do this because I want it to display the pages with the highest PR first.

install google tool bar u can see the page ranks in that google toolbar is much more simpler

Have you checked the advanced settings? If yes, and still nothing happened, then I suggest you to look for more accurate and efficient SEO toolbar for Chrome.

Am using SeoQuake and it also shows pr of each result of Google search results. Am also using Google Toolbar, which also inform me about PR of Sites :slight_smile:


Past 2 years i am using seo quake tool bar for analysis the site is more useful to me...!!! meet again.

Google toolbar shows PR of the individual website. But SEOQuake shows PR of all listed websites in Google result page.

Can you switch to Firefox? I have exactly the same problem in Chrome. But in Firefox there’s little ‘down’ and ‘up’ buttons that work to sort the results by high or low PR

I am having the exact same problem but I am using Firefox 5. Anyone know why? I have updated to the latest version of SEO Quake but it’s still the same. I also tried downgrading Firefox to version 3 but still same results?

I also use SEO Quake right now… sometimes its more efficient for the info that I need… The PR, info, backlinks, internal and external links, alexa rank etc are all their… but some times its lost its data and notice that you are banned but you should refresh it… I mostly use SEO Quake when doing my monthly report…

Use webrank toolbar it is good tool to check all the links from google,yahoo,bing,alexa . . .

google tool bar dont work in chrome…

i am using SEOQUAKE to find High pr & dofollow list & its work fine with Firefox . but remember you would be able to use it on New FF . work great with 3.6 version .

I think you just miss some plug-ins in your chrome… because I have a Google Toolbar in my chrome.

Please find the addons of Mozila firefox Webrank Toolbar 4.0, this is normally show you the page rank of open site.

Hey Jam, thanks for the reply. I tried downgrading to FF 3 but it still didn’t work. Can you tell me what version of SEO Quake you are using?

EDIT: Just to clarify, SEO Quake does work to show PR and Yahoo Links in the Google results, BUT when I click to sort the result by PR, it does not sort them. Is this functionality working for you?

SEO toolbar is more useful than seoQuake…
cause m using it for long time…

  1. i thing may be used old new version chrome browsers.
  2. before installing the chrome remove the cookies
  3. If you want to see only PR, you will get it plugin from Google extensions.

Page rank status bookmarklet tool bar using for google chrome. So you are install this tool in chrome.

Please switch to Firefox. I have exactly the same problem in Chrome. Then I switched to Firefox and please use, webrank toolbar or search status toolbar.

Am also using Google Toolbar, which also inform me about PR of Sites . .