SEOing a site from another country

This is the first time I’ll be optimizing a website outside of the states. It is - so I’m wondering how do I go about doing this. If he wants to rank high in the states - as far as backlinking is concerned - where should I backlink from? Sites from here (.com, .org, .edu, .etc)? Also - if he wants to rank high in the UK google - do I backlink from sites in the UK? Will backlinking from sites like EZineArticles and Hubpages help?

For the most part I would still attempt to get relevant backlinks from any English speaking website. If they have a extension then great, but it’s not required.

Google has some loose rules that say domains are for the UK, but they don’t have to be. I could register a domain and through Google Webmaster Tools target it to the USA. As a 3rd party, you won’t have access to this information. Sites like EZineArticles and Hubpages will help as well.

Let’s take SitePoint for example. The domain is actually for an Australian company but it has multiple countries for an audience. As a web developer I would be thrilled with a backlink from the home page regardless of where my website is targeted. It would help me rank in my local market.

One final point, you’ll want to make sure that your domain correctly has the target country specified within Google Webmaster Tools so that you’re ranking within Google UK.

If you want exposure in, also make sure to host in the UK as Google will look at the country the domain is hosted in.

This is a good way to increase traffic from UK

If you want to promote a site for UK, search specially the net using and build backlinks from the results of it. Its the only way to rank better for UK. Other links via will be still worth but focus more on domains.