SEO - Whats hot and not at the mo!

OK. Have been swotting up on this forum and links to other useful websites from here and have come up with the following.

  1. Submitting articles to increase your keyword phrases - not good practice anymore as to much keyword stuffing in your articles could have an adverse effect.

  2. Submitting to directories - OK to do, but a bit of a waste of time not that relevant with google search engines etc

  3. Forum and blog posting within your niche - still good practice.

  4. Submitting your site to high page ranked website for a fee - not good practice as google does not like this, but still do it as it can be good for your website.

  5. Content is king. Write lots and lots of good content on your website to increase your sites profile on google.

Well thats what I have discovered is the latest best practices to do to make your website appear higher on the search engines in google. Would love to hear your comments, advice and basically if you feel the above is complete tosh then let me know your views.

Watching with interest. I can’t add anything but would social media be a new thing?

social media… you mean like

yeah, that’s new

yes absolutely. Google finds links from everywhere and is now returning results from eg twitter. ALSO remember that real people will click on links that look interesting and share them with their friends.

In the past 2 days I put my details onto a few directories of local businesses - even though most of these didn’t allow links. I also made some tweets of new articles I wrote.

Suddenly I am on page 1 of my chosen search term, instead of nowhere at all. I’ve had quite a few visitors, some browsing for up to 40 minutes. I checked twitter and I had been re-tweeted. The spike in traffic corresponds with my twitter posts, but people obviously read a few later on or the next day.

Adding hash tags helps as it gets things into relevant lists.

And so on. I imagine that all the other social media sites are also important. I signed a client up for twitter a couple of weeks ago with a plugin to auto-tweet for her, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Tweeted a few of her recent posts with some hashtags earlier tonight and got some new followers already. I plan to get facebook and linkedin accounts for clients and their businesses and to get them all linked up. I’m already on linkedin and google finds my profile there when a search is done for my name or my business name. Apparently the links all do count, somehow.

why am I sharing this info? Seems to me I should be keeping my secret … lol

Now the working of social media has increased in SEO. New community sites are available now and all webmasters are now moving towards it. :slight_smile:

That was a point I wanted to make stikkybubble. I mentioned articles are not good practice anymore, but what I was going to ask was. The great content I write…once I submit my content to my blog etc can this then be added to top article sites i.e. ezine etc?

Content is absolutely hot!!!

The better and unique your content is, the better you will rank.
I remember an article W.Howl wrote a few weeks ago, about search engines and click stream data … very interesting.

Are Search Engines Using ClickStream Data - Graywolf's SEO Blog

Generally, local search factors will be still more important in future (domain, IP, location of the one that realizes the query, social networks, benchmarks…)

Yes “Content is indeed King”. Google always look forward towards new, fresh and original content. So keep your site rich with fresh content.
Directory submission is not so much impressive now.
But yes social media sites are playing an important role in bringing more and more traffic towards your site.

Social media is changing everything and should be at the top of your list of things to do on your SEO efforts. I also think local searching is going to become even more popular and significant than what it is right now.

I would like to add Blogging and MicroBlogging as both are very good practice and helpful as well.

As blogs become important to main sites, it is important to give some SEO time to the blogs themselves.

Yes, blogging is good one for it. But I personally love forums. Many of my backlinks are from forums and I get wide range of knowledge from it.