SEO: What is best front page static or continually updating

I am curious to know if a static front page is considered better for SEO than a front page that is updated frequently.


I think the first page should not be static it should be continually updating or dynamic.

When I mentioned “front” page I meant the URL landing, default, welcome or index page.

Here is the Time-line I had in mind:


  1. A daily blog displayed on the URL index.php page.
  2. Search engine crawl, analyse and maybe store the “content is king” keywords from today’s blog.


  1. A new daily blog will archive existing blog and replace old blog with latest blog.
  2. Search engine crawl, analyse and maybe store the “content is king” keywords from today’s latest blog.
  3. Previous crawled keyword information is now out of date and incorrect for yesterday’s blog!

Thanks for your reply, I have now cleared in my mind a strategy for the URL index content. Hopefully this strategy will reduce the incorrect search content results which frequently occurr on one of my sites.



Originally I thought about your suggestion and decided to show the latest six complete posts and a linked list widget of twenty-five random posts.

Unfortunately as far as SEO is concerned the crawler gathers information from the latest six posts and also the linked list widget. A search shows an out-dated post with no reference to the search string.

Yesterday I decided to program the site to retain the latest six posts and change the random linked list widget to a descending linked list of twenty-five preceding posts. The descending list starts at the current post. (A bit of coding was required when the viewed post was less than twenty-five).

Using this method the majority of crawled information on the home page will be available for a longer period but far more importantly the information on an individual post page and descending linked list will be static.

I am open to other solutions to solve the incorrect SEO data problem.


The search engines consider every page they look at to be a landing and welcome page. They don’t distinguish default/index pages as being any different from any other landing/welcome page.

The only pages that are not going to be the first page on your site that some of your visitors see are those where you specifically disallow search engines from indexing them.

With your blog the pages the search engines will be most interested in are the individual blog pages where the content is static since your home page is constantly changing its topic. It would be a different matter if all the blog posts were about a related topic and you had that as the target for what you want your home page listed for. If your site has 100 pages then you have the opportunity to aim for getting the top spot for 100 completely different search terms. The static pages target the more specific terms while those where the content is changing regularly are used to target the more general terms that describe all of what your site is about.

All pages are the same as far as SEO is concerned. There is no such thing as a “front” page as compared to any other sort of page because SEO works only with individual pages.

@John - imagine you are a regular visitor to the site and you visit the home page. What would you like to see on the home page on your return visit?

Therein is your answer :slight_smile: