SEO Value in Redirected Link?

Our local Chamber of Commerce has an incoming link to us, but they are using an internal ASP page to process the link and using a 302 redirect to send that page to our site.

Am I right in assuming that none of our anchored keyword text link juice is being passed and that this redirected link is much less valuable to us than a direct link? Is it even valuable at all, from an SEO standpoint, if performed in this manner?


So just to clarify: does the original link location of the link point to a Chamber of Commerce page which then redirects to your site?

Yes. The link on their home page with our text links to another page on their site like That page is the one that 302s to us. So it’s like an internal link on their site that they 302 out.

This link will be less valuable and if you are getting any link juice passed through the redirect it is likely not the full amount. It is possible that the link will not even be credited to you.

I have never tested this, but it looks like a 302 redirect may not pass any link juice at all compared to a 301 redirect.

Maybe some others can clarify whether a 302 passes link juice or not.