SEO using Scrapbox

We all know, Google is being smart day by day. Still many people using automated tools to do SEO.
In my opinion, we should do manual SEO only, automated tools may SPAM the site.

What is your opinion? Also I am interested to know about Scrapbox tool… Because one of my project has been cancelled due to this tool… now client is using Scrapbox for SEO… I believe it will spam his sites but he want fast results… He cancel my project while all the keywords were on top…

So please share your opinion so that I can be sure about current updates…

Also don’t apply if you are not from SEO field or web owner… till date I believe that Only manual SEO is working now days…

Thanks for your upcoming replies!


Yes, it’s a helpful to time consuming view. But as the penguin eyes, it may be considered as the spamming, because when you use this tool. You just set same title & description. For posting… & we all know that back link with same Keyword create a spam back links… it’s helpful some of the way, but at the same time you have to give this tool for the manage it.

so i suggest you to do the manual posting avoid this kind of auto tools.

It definitely won’t be beneficial to the SEO of your site, but Scrapebox would be really helpful if your using it for scraping data for your SEO promotions.

Avoid Scrapebox or any other automated link building tool to avoid ban from GOOGLE.
CONTENT IS THE KING. Have good content and get it ON_PAGE SEO optimized with w3C validated HTML/CSS, SPEED optimized with GT METRIX and I’m sure you’ll see the benefits.
Consider gues blog postings for off page SEO.
I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Off Topic:

But be careful how you go about it. It’s becoming a favourite technique for Spamming and link-dropping, so be sure to keep Google’s advice in mind if you decide to do this.


Yes. Makes sense. Authentic guest blog posting is the key. No one should spam blogs with the intention of link dropping.

Yes Aksaini, even i believe in manual SEO, For website analysis you can use tool it will save your time. But for off page i wont believe in software or any tool.

Use Scrapebox for searching for potential backlinking opportunity :smiley:

Do not think to try on scrapbox or any other automated SEO tools. As said by other, it is spam tactic, it is not going to help you anymore because google is now far smarter than you. You can also observe ScrapBox quality. For example if someone is using Scrapbox for their site, by analyzing backlinks to this site generated by this software you will find a lot of low quality backlinks and some stupid errors that human can not do. Such software can post your website link to the website that would have duplicate C-class IPs that could be problematic for the site to be penalized by the Penguin due to C-Class issues.

I highly recommend you to not use SEO backlinking tools… As you described Google is smart enough to detect automated activity and will ban rankings for your keywords optimized using SEO tools.

I am thankful to you all for taking time to reply me…
I am happy that I am not using spamming tricks…

Automation is absolutely awesome IF done correctly.

I never use automation for postings?

I use automation for researching my products and mash-up type activities. I even use automation to track when my products are being abused by software thieves on blackhat sites.