SEO - URL's in meta tags


Is it a good, bad or makes no difference if in a meta tag description you put a sister website's URL in the meta tag? Could that possibly help in getting better search engine results in the sister site especially if the parent site get the better results?


The meta description is used to describe the content of the page it is on, so it's hard to see how a link to another site would be relevant to that. It's more likely to look like deliberate link-dropping.

The meta description is generally what search engines show as the snippet in search results, so it should be something relevant which will encourage people to click through to that page. Advertising another site hardly seems the way to do that.


I've not heard of anyone ever doing this and there's probably a reason for that. As TechnoBear has said, the meta description is there to increase click-through rates from the SERPs.


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