SEO Tips on Free Blogsite

Anyone here has spare tips on how to do organic SEO tips for free blog site? Including off page and link building strategies? I want to invest on a free blogsite first before buying it a domain and will it have effect if I will try to extract the free one onto a paid domain? Will the PR go down?

As the main component of SEO is content and structure, it is the same no matter how or where you build you site. A free blogsite may give you less control over some aspects, but the difference shouldn’t be great. See Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”.

Most free blogsites allow you to use your own domain, so I’d suggest you do that from the start, rather than change at a latter date. It can be done, but you’ll need to ensure everything is correctly redirected. Domains cost very little, so if you’re at all serious about this blog, it would be worth the investment.


SEO might seem complicated, especially for people who just started a new website, but once you learn the fundamentals, it can be rewarding. For more information on SEO, you can read the following:

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I learned some ways to make SEO easy by visit your recommended sites.
Thank you for the tips.

Currently I’m doing my internship at Edubookers in the Netherlands. My main task is SEO, but i don’t have much experience with it. Is there anybody who can give me some tips? Thanks!

Welcome to the forums, @marievandervelden1. If you are new to SEO, then I would advise you to read the guide I mentioned above, Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”. That will give you all the basics.

There is a lot of bad advice on SEO around, so before trying any “technique” you find online, be sure to check the search engine guidelines, to ensure you are not violating them in any way.

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A lot of people neglect the domain name history, i.e. its age, its previous content and its backlinks. This is a very good starting point for your SEO because you can directly acquire a domain name that has all these 3, without you having to wait or do that yourself. There are already even specialized services for that such as this - As for the previous content you can use to see what the site was about and then check Majestic com to see its backlinks and be sure that it was a generic website and not spam.

What matters most is the content on that domain. Buying an actual, well-established site might well be a smart move, but buying a domain with the intention of changing its use is pretty pointless. If the content changes completely, search engines will regard it as a new site, irrespective of when the domain was first registered. Unless you keep the exact same structure, you will immediately lose any links which do not go to the home page, and even these links may well be removed when the linking sites realise the content to which they were linking has changed. If the remaining links are no longer relevant, search engines will recognise this and disregard them accordingly.

I deal with SEO issues for about 8 years. And all this time, the most important were: valuable content and good backlinks. I don’t think anything will change in this area in the near future.