Seo tips needed for my site


I am working on a website and I want to rank it on Google and also want to improve the sites DR and DA.

I have tried various ways to improve the ranking of the website but have not succeeded yet.

I want to get some highly valuable Seo techniques for making my website rank higher.

Please suggest some tips or tricks that you might have for improving sites ranking.

Or you can also recommend someone having good Seo knowledge, please.


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Just so that you are clear, DR and DA are proprietary metrics used by and, and as such, will have no direct effect on SEO.

The first step to ranking on Google would be to read and follow their guidelines: Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. That will not only tell you what to do, but also what not to do, so you can avoid the bad advice which is often peddled on the Internet by self-styled experts.

You have to do backlinks for your website to get grow your DA and PA also.