SEO Success stories

What are some of your SEO success stories? Like what did you do to get where you are today? Was it a long journey and did you find it hard or easy? What did you learn along the way that really helped you out?

About me, i would say I am not a SEO hero but yes i have learnt some stuff in it over the period of time. I started with the basics, studied them and tried to apply them. I have also been following many SEO experts on the internet and been reading their articles. I think SEO is all about understanding the concept and keeping yourself updated with latest happening. You should be keep an eye on your competitors techniques and at the same time you will have to find something better than what they are doing. Today, i can say that i have learnt a lot of stuff but its a never ending story. Every day i get to learn new stuff and this is a reason i have joined this forum. You get the experts opinions and you get to know other views and than you compare and apprehend it at your end.