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Hello SEO’ers

I have been asked recently by a company to devise a link building strategy for a client who have nearly 100 employees.

In the age of social media is this the best way to develop a link building strategy.

I am trying to put together a top 10 list for my client. Here are some of my ideas . It would be great if you could add some of your ideas too.

  1. Get 10% of the staff to write one article per month
  2. Add the article to their facebook group page, submit to Digg and other article submission sites.
  3. Get each employee to create a twitter account with the name of the company in the twitter name plus their name and tweat about the company and create tweats to the new article that has been developed.
  4. Get each employee to create a company linkedin account and do the same for each article.

I know I dont have much so far so any help would be great



I would have them all write articles, ten a month isn’t enough…Or i would outsource it and get hundreds a month written.

I would employ someone to email a certain number of relevant websites every day requesting they add a link to the website.

Hire someone to write good content about the companies business, this doesn’t have to be loads of content just a few pieces of info that can not be found elsewhere. This will make it easier to get people to link to them.

Otherwise known as SPAM :badpc:

Here are a few SEO tips that may help devise your strategy:

•Try to get links back to as many pages as you can within your website. Don’t simply focus your links on the homepage.
•Any link is a good link–from sources such as directory submissions and press releases–that includes the keyword in the anchor text. Don’t be too focused on what type of link or its source.
•Quality links are of more value to your website than the quantity of links.


Try these SEO strategies these will help you get on top of google, yahoo and Bing

  1. Article submissions
  2. Press Release submissions
  3. Major Search Engine submissions
  4. Blog submissions
  5. Forum submissions
  6. Directory submissions
  7. Online Groups submissions
  8. Classified Ads submissions
  9. Social Bookmarking submissions
  10. Social Media Network Submissions

I doubt some of this techniques/strategies you are saying…Hmmm…

You say that it will help you get on top of google, yahoo and Bing? :eek:

Using forums for what?

that’s a good strategy but it will not create a good quality links that google will count as your valid link you must of course link the company’s site to a site that is relevant to it’s niche

Best strategy for them would be to hire someone that knows how to get links.

Nothing wrong with your question, but I suggest you start researching and studying.


You are mainly focusing on social netwroking. Why not try link baiting and soical bookmarking? You can bookmark the site on quality sites and spread the word about your company.