SEO related: Using & symbol in the main menu?


I am trying to figure out if this menu links are bad ‘seo’ links:
Art&you, Fun&you, Cars&you

or should i use
Art & you, Fun & you, Cars & you

or use single images and in the alt attribute do something like
art and you, fun and you, cars and you

last option i could think of using a css sprite and:

use IMG tag with transparent GIF as image container:
<img src=“/images/transparent.gif” class=“i_logo” alt=“keywords here” />
Don’t exactly know how to implement this but i guess something like
<li>Art & you<img src=“/images/transparent.gif” class=“art_you” alt=“Art and you SEO” /></li>

Any advice, examples on this subject???

According to me use image and text both with bigger then normal font in main menu through which your GUI will look good. I have used too many sites like this with this you can get thrice benefit on these keywords. :slight_smile: