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How should I setup my SEO to get

what is the best url short or with keyword ?


how long should the description and title be ?


It is always good practice to make landing pages according to the keyword. This should be the best for you:

Length of Title tags should be 55-60 characters and description tags are of 150-160 characters.

Google provides large amounts of information and advice via their Search Console Help section (was Webmaster Help).

This articles gives guidance on choosing a good URL structure (even if they fail to follow it exactly themselves ):[quote=“2012, post:1, topic:215059”]
how long should the description and title be ?
[/quote]I suggest you read Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”, which will give you guidance of these and other issues.

There is no fixed criteria.
If a visitor visits your website and bounce back to search result page,means your page is not so useful.

  1. urls should be descriptive
  2. urls+ description combination should cover max variation of keywords( keyword research required from adwords keyword planner + Search console )
  3. post useful content

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Thank’s for the reply’s lets see how things go.

Or that it was precisely useful, they found everything they were interested in, and being completely satisfied, moved on.


Correct. If the search engine is doing its job properly, it will take the user directly to the page on your site which contains the content they were searching for. In such a case they would have no need to look any further.
Bounces are not necessarily a sign of failure.


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