On which of these should i spend for my travel website?


Hi contact205 welcome to the forum

I think if you focus on “travel” you should have better luck getting visitors and conversions. A problem I see is that “real fake documents” is not a small niche and there are a lot of spam sites. You want to not have your site seen as one of those. You want your site to be seen as legitimate and not “yet another spam site”.

In my opinion, if given the choice between SEO and SEM, other than paying for an advertisement that would show in SERPs and imply legitimacy, I think SEM that establishes legitimacy would be the better approach.


Go for SEO ie Search Engine Optimization. Now a day people from all walks of life use Google to find solutions, learn new things and understand the world around. If your business is showing in top of the search results then you will definitely find the organic customer. For this you need to run a SEO campaign.