SEO or Content Marketing?

Hello guys! Happy New Year to everybody!

What will be more important in 2019: SEO or Content Marketing? I have read this article “What Do You Need More: Expert SEO Services or Excellent Content Marketing?” and it made me wonder.

Content or its optimization? What is the leading trend of 2019? Any thoughts?


Both are good fields…It depends upon person to person…Some people have interest in writing content and some might be interested in doing SEO. Both have good pay scale.

I think it will be a combination of both. Good content for organic searches with SEO and paid options to get to the right audience. Happy new year all

Now-a-days excellent content is very needed for any company and can fulfill SEO needs. So, I think we need Excellent Content Marketing more than Expert SEO Services.

As both Content marketing and SEO are inter related they both have an equal Importance to promote your good content good SEO is needed.

Content is very important aspect in SEO. So Both are very important to be top in SERP.

I think both are dependent, without content seo is zero, and without seo content has not power.

Both are related ad important

I think SEO is better than content marketing. Every website need a organic traffic.

Both are good fields and interconnected, it depends on individual's interest what to choose as a career.

First content then it’s SEO optimization.
If content is already fresh then there will be no need of hard and fast SEO optimization.

Both are required

Thanks everyone. Because the discussion has gone off-topic and the general consensus is “both” there is little reason for further discussion.