Seo optimization for wordpress

Hi there!
I have wordpress website.i use the all in one seo plugin for seo optimization.I need the exact setting for this plugin since i found it little bit complicated (for the keywords).

Should i put keywords for each post or it is enough to add some keywords for the main page? what about indexing the archive? is it better to ignore indexing archive?

Please help me if it is possible!


Simplely,… add tags/keywords related to each post. Don’t ignore the title and description too. It will help to rank better in search engines. So far as I know, Google index and cache wordpress posts fast in comparison to pages.

Check out this tutorial:

Every post needs the different keywords related to the post, don’t paste the short description from the post content write it separately. Always have a eye on your permalinks in WP sites many of us don’t use permalinks correctly which are also called SEO friendly URL’s.

Just make sure you are tagging posts correctly with keywords and also making sure they are in blog post titles.

Thanks for writing.I wish if there is an seo expert who can check what iam doing wrong since i dont get enough traffic! Should i use google adwords or other advertising method?

Also how can i advertise and make link exchange here at sitepoint?

For the advertising take a look at the SitePoint Marketplace.

Link exchanges aren’t possible.

All in one seo pack is best plugin for make seo friendly posts. Just make sure you are adding relevant meta keywords with description and title too in every post.

i’d like to know which one is better from seo perspective? WP free template of customized design template?