SEO Optimisation for regional websites

We have a website in france, we do car import from uk to france and we was wondering what are the best option to have regional website without affecting our seo thank you for our car import keywords and automotive

Your question is too vague. Could you be more specific? E.g., You want your site to rank high, but you don’t want to build backlinks, 'cause you heard it could cause an engine penalty. What do I do?

Local website doesn’t matter, if your website got enough information for your consumer then it is not problem. Choose perfect keywords for your site so that people can find your site easily. Bad content can affect your seo so becareful about that.

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I’m not quite sure what you mean when you refer to a “regional website”. If you are targeting a particular country, then you can either use a country-specific domain (, .fr, etc.), or else use a generic domain (.com, .net, etc.) and set geographical targeting in webmaster tools.

This Google article might be helpful:

The best SEO strategy for Country website is to build country specific domains & target local keywords, use keywords search in local countries. This way you will bring traffic to your local websites.

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