SEO On Web Addresses

This is the only forum I could find on SEO.

That htaccess code I found just won’t work; Both /page and /page.html come up fine, when only /page should come up.

I’ve tested /page.html several times making sure I used ctrl F5, /page.html comes up fine when I should be getting a 404 error.

I think the solution for sites with html extension pages is, if your site is not about html, don’t use htaccess and instead use .htm (25% less information (no L) than html. Since Google uses only the first 65 or so characters of an adresss, just make sure your address is 65 or more characters before the extension.

I think

is much more seo advantageous than

meaning that while having your adress end with no / and no extension seems to be the most advantageos for seo, it’s not true if the address with no / and no extension is short when compared to an address that exceeds in length google’s reach to the extension.

What do you think?


If I understand what you are asking then yes .htm / .html is better for some reason than 1word-2word but really I have no answer if .htm is better than .html should be the same. Interesting idea about the characters and .htm is shorter that may be a good point but at the end of the day not very important here or there.

I think that’s what Ill do when I change over back to html files

  1. Make sure the number of characters after the domain in the web address exceeds 65 so google won’t know what the extension of the file is.

  2. Maybe use .htm extension instead of html, might be needless, maybe not.

I think these 2 together will exceed the advantage of /page web addresses and wordpress’ /page/ addresses too.

Of course if you exceed 65 characters in a /page and /page/ address then I think search engines will never see far enough (past 65 charcters) to see a differtence between pages of /page, /page/, and page.html format.




I wouldn’t think your extension matters to be honest. I know that having post titles versus is post id is better for seo.

It must matter, there are too many large sites, including sitepoint and all wordpress sites don’t end with .html, or any extension at all.

Looking at this URL, it ends with .html…

Woops, you’re right. I over looked that.

I really thinks that’s the way to go if you’re in need of google rankibg your seite well; 65 characters or more in the address to avoid google using the extension as a keyword.

If you search “html article” on google, you’ll see the “html” in bold in the addresses that come up, they’re bold because that’s one of the search terms submitted - a search term is a keyword. Extensions are considered keywords by google if google reaches the extension.



IMO, the following url are same:


but /page/ are different. The 3 types above are treated as file on server, the /page/ is treated as a directory and can be understand as /page/index.html. With the factor about document level from root, the 3 types of above are different with /page/

About the length of url, i’m not sure about that, maybe that a good idea but I prefer /page. :slight_smile:

What does, “With the factor about document level from root” mean?


Then maybe not using “www.” will save you 4 characters of valuable url real-estate. Thus 4 more characters from a keyword within the url that is not SEOutilized may-become utilized. Or maybe it is all meaningless as domain-name is less weighted as in the past

For example: the page (level 1) will be considered more important than (level 2 because this html document is in a folder below root).

Hope you got the idea. :slight_smile:


I got it now. Thanks.


I never thought of that. Look up “www article” and you’ll see google has www in the address in the listing bolded.


Tahoeporter I disagree, the keyword in the domain is still very very important

Bayliss Trevor,

So if you had a website on somethig completely different from web programming and or the web, say a site on wildlife in your area, which would you rather have google know about or

I would think to avoid having the site not associated with www, choose the latter, assuming the term/subject “www” is never discussed used on the site.



I am not really one to care about the ranking, so I don’t follow the news a lot… is this 65 character rule a thing you noticied or Google/Yahoo/Bing/etc said they only care about 65 chars?

Someone show me where google now says it limits to 65 characters. Trying to find some NEW sources since Google has done a lot of changing lately on their “RULES”. What about those new long tails?

SEO on web address is called as URL re writing if you url is not according to SEO. example is below here:


www dot compare-mobile-phones dot com

instead of

wwww dot compare/phone/mobile dot com

Caimile, Not quite sure what you mean… Google (later adopted by others) started to use dashes versus pluses or underscores to seperate the words. Which is different then what this post is about. The second url you gave is also illegal…

I’ve read on many site found through the search term “seo” that goofle reads about 65 characters into a webs address. Google hasn’t said this themselves but. There is some number they use, certainly chocolate hearts will get you different resuts than heart attack. Many sources have determined google’s reach is 65 characters.


Just do a google search and see what appears in the result titles, how long they are