SEO on Free webhosting sites

I never really thought about this one before. We know that there are a lot of free hosting sites out there and I just thought of trying some of them. These are actually free hosting for websites and not just blogs, but of course they make money when you go for their premium services. My question is, can you still do some SEO jobs with these free websites? I mean, can you still get like backlinks and actually get pagerank?

Thank for your ideas.

The question is more of ethical than technical. Due to no cost most of the internet scums host dirt in free hosting. So many of the directories and websites refrain from linking to free hosted sites. There no technical problem ban on backlinks to a free hosted site.

Of course you can still do SEO job in free webhosting still it helps gain visibility in search engines.

Can’t really get what you are saying here.

what I wanted to say is that if you select a free hosting, be careful as its ip may be banned. The spammers & scammers usually use these free services to market their scam. And hence most of the free hosting IPs are banned by Search Engines and Directories. They prefer sites hosted in a paid hosting site.

But in case of exceptional content it might be an feasible option but in regular terms it is not advisable. we never recommend anyone to host in a free hosting site unless it is a personal contented intended for private audience only.

Ok, that makes sense. Thanks akhomiyar

backlink juice and page rank that follows from other sites where you backlink will not make your SEO effort to serve something for you due to free hosting,