SEO Off Page Factors?

Are there any other SEO Off Page factors other than these?

Article submissions
Link Exchange
Paid submissions
blogs creation
blog commenting
Directory Submissions
Email campaigning
feed submissions
Guest books
Photo/ Image adds
Pod casting
press releases
Search engine submissions
social bookmarking
Social networking
yahoo answers
yahoo/ google groups
video submissions

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Thanks in advance for your suggestions

Probably, but who has time to do your research for you? Not me. Half of those aren’t even SEO issues. Maybe you should ask this question in a marketing forum.

I think You have provided all the seo factors.

Seeing as not a single one of those is an off-page SEO factor I’d have to disagree.

Email Campaigning is spamming…Am i right??

Not if you have people’s permissions to contact them.

email campaigns are not spamming, they opt-in so that you can email them.

For me, I just only use few effective SEO methods. I’m not doing all methods because it depends on the site that you were optimized. There are some methods that are not applicable for certain site that I optomized.

Email Campaign is not Spam but due to alot of Spamming Mostly People think it as Spamming. If you want to use this method, better take permission of Email owner.

I think you provide all SEO Off Page factors. thanks for post.

A site-map is considered “on page” SEO (as its part of the site)

So you should be considering that it hasn’t been mentioned anywhere in this thread… :shifty:

I like to add twitter and other social networking method

SEO off page is :
social bookmarking
social networking
forum submission
article submission
press release
internet marketing
blog commenting


My Off Page Techniques…
Please check it out.

  1. Directory Submission
  2. Article submission
  3. Social bookmaking
  4. Forum posting
  5. Blog Creations
  6. Blog Posting
  7. Press Release submission
  8. RSS Feed Directory submission
  9. Local Classifieds Add
  10. Global Classifieds Add
  11. Free Yellowpages
  12. Image Optimization
  13. Video Optimization
  14. Social Networking sites Add.
  15. Free Advertisement

Instead of that Email Marketing you can consider

These are all good but hopefully if one has to do these it needs some patience and i think these will definitely work :slight_smile: Thanks :slight_smile:

All link building can be broken down into eight major categories of activity:

  1. Manual Link submissions/Request
  2. Comptetitive link research/Acquisition
  3. Links via Embedded Content (badge campaigns, what have you)
  4. Linkbait & Viral Campaigns
  5. Content, technology, & API licensing
  6. Partnerships, exchanges, & trades
  7. Paid links
  8. Link Reclamation

This list is drawn from an SEO-moz webinar that they did last December. The thing to really consider is how scalable is each activity in relation to the quality of link you’re going to get. If you need to build a 1000+ links for a particularly competitive site getting their by commenting in forums/blogs is going to take you an awfully long time.