SEO linking


i have just been on a forum for which I posted a link to which I was referring to. i noticed that when I typed in the link and posted it the link changed to a short description of what the website was about…

How is this done?

Am on wordpress is there a plugin for this? I looked the the All in one SEO plugin but got confused… :slight_smile:


I guess the script goes to the link and tries to get the title or the meta tag description and if found, adds it. I don’t know of any plugin to do that, but it is a nice feature.

I think what you are talking about is called pingbacks or trackbacks. When you post a link to something else, WordPress automatically tells that server that you linked to them.

Read this:

This was the thread I was talking about

As you can see the link in the first post…I just posted his link and it produced that text…

I could build a plugin like that for you.