SEO joke

okay here’s the question, now let’s see what kind of replies we get from (a) seo experts, (b) seo wannabes, and (c) spammers and fluffers …

How many light bulb SEO lightbulb specialists does it take to change a light lightbulb light bulb light-bulb?

When asked how he persevered through over 1000 failed attempts at producing a cotton fiber filament light bulb, Thomas Edison replied:
"I didn’t fail. I just found 1000 ways not to make a light bulb.
The essence of perseverance, in my opinion.

We can doo u cheap lighbulb and include screwing :slight_smile:

You nailed it Alex. :lol: That was the only thing that was missing here :slight_smile:

This thread is the light bulb of my day! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Happy day and see you bulbing soon,

Captain Bulbulicious

I was half getting the joke before you replied :slight_smile:

I think the first reply got a fake sig right?

How many light bulb SEO lightbulb specialists does it take to change a light lightbulb light bulb light-bulb?

At first I was a bit confused, but my math know how and being one of the best SEO consultant in the world has taught me to handle these kind of difficult questions.

Step 1: figuring out the question at hand.
How many light bulb SEO lightbulb specialists does it take to change a light lightbulb light bulb light-bulb? = How many seo specialists does it take to change a light bulb? + 4 1/2th (light bulbs).

4 1/2 light bulbs are needed, but that doesn’t answer how many people are needed. Assuming that people have two hands they can carry two light bulbs without the risk of injuring the light bulbs, so 2 1/4th people are needed to carry the light bulbs, but you can’t half 1/4th of a person, so technically 3 are needed to screw in said bulb.

It takes 3 seo people to screw in a light bulb. Which seems about right considering most of the time they don’t even know what they are talking about meaning if they actually have to do it they probably will need some extra help themselves.

The extra riddle is that the extra man with the broken bulb (1/2 bulb) is needed because he is there to complain about how the two guys are doing it wrong, so they broke the bulb while he was holding it so he’d be in pain to complain the whole time.

Lol, this adds nothing to the topic just bored right now.

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You guys are hilarious :rofl:

[ot]They are doing what fluffers and spammers do. They post silly comments that really say nothing to promote their signatures. Since SP forbids you to have your own signature until you’ve been here for 90 days, they post fake signatures (of course, when a moderator sees one, deletes it and infracts the ofender :))

On many ocassions, fluffers include sentences like “nice one”, “thank you for the information”, or “cool”… and spam the forum with their fake signature. It is just an excuse to expose it.

Also, when a SEO specialist targets a word, normally repeats the word or phrase many times, sometimes in bold because it is give a higher importance and score, and therefore that will make it rank better… or they will include things like hidden text that the search engine reads but the viewer can’t see (like the grey line ralph wrote… if you select the line, you will be able to read what it says. Of course, that’s illegal and when the Search Engine finds out, your page will be penalised but in the meantime your page may have ranked higher)

Nice lightbulb post! Sorry, I mean light bulb. Light and humorous. I am having light bulb moment. Bit light on for detail, but you are planting bulb that will grow in time.

light bulb lightbulb light bulb lightbulb light bulb lightbulb

Hahaha… that’s a good one!

Geez I didn’t get the joke :frowning:

lol! very funny, nice one :wink:

I assume you realize it’s part of the joke?!

o hell. lol I didn’t even really look at it.

LOL. Just one to check the PR (power rectifier)

i agree with u


o hell. lol I didn’t even really look at it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume you realize it’s part of the joke?! :lol:

lmao. Thats great… Good joke.

ON a side note: Whats with the fake signature?

Off Topic:

me too!! and dolphins and giraffes – but stars were the easiest