SEO is compulsory for a new site?

The most important thing for new sites is their content. The first step in SEO is creating web pages that people will want to visit.

Yes, it is compalsury because their is no value of your website in search engine. If you want to sell some thing like products or services. For this purpose, you website must be on top ranking. Other wise how people search you in millions of sites…

Yes, if you want top ranking for your websiite with your related product & services keywords then you have to optimized your website for that keywords. So first research targeted keywords for your website & do on-page & off-page optimization work for your website…

First of all your website should have impressive content and then SEO is must for your website to rank well in search engines and to get more traffic for your website.

Most aspects of on-page SEO are part and parcel of good design practice, like appropriate use of headings and a good title etc. The only thing you should do specifically for the search engines is putting in a <meta description>.

How heavy you need to go with off-page SEO depends on how competitive the sector you’re working in is, and what sort of traffic levels you are aiming for. If it isn’t too competitive, you probably won’t need to worry much about link building or anything else, because you aren’t fighting so many people for that #1 spot.

If you want to get huge & free visitor ,SEO is the best way to get. Other hand you can find visitor by paid advertising method.

SEO work is necessary or not, its depend on you.Means if you want to make your website popular in all search engine then SEO is compulsory and if you are not interested then SEO is not required.

Why you are making a website ? The answer is to sell your product or inform your customer about your service through online.If your site is not visible in search engine then no body will find your site.SEO makes your site visible in search engine.So it is compulsory.

Yea… Optimization is pretty important for new websites and for old websites as well.

Here is a short set of tips for optimzing your website for improving its search engine visibility,

  • Link Building
  • Social Networking
  • Bookmarking
  • Blog Marketing
  • Forum Posting
  • Directory Submissions
  • Link Baiting
  • RSS feed submission

You may use a software aid like ‘Keyword Country’ for automating these tasks… It helps in saving huge time.

You can’t create a new website that just stuck there.So you need to increase the targeted traffic means to bring the customer to doorstep by clicking those specify keyword and phases in to the search engine and result will be showing your result.When a successful seo placed your website in top ten,your company can be easily located in the result thus the increasing the amount of visitor that seek your product.