SEO in 2009 & 2010

how is SEO field in 2009 and 2010? what are the new algorithms used as SEO algorithm in 2010? please help me to know :slight_smile:

There is not lots of different but now days the working of social networking sites has increased. Most of the webmasters are using these sites for good traffic.

I believe that SE (most of them) are developing and improving every day. But you as SEO master need to understand that is being done to improve search not to make SEO process easy or more difficult.

In our day to day life SEO has more techniques & tactics. We have to learn much more to get best results. To get SEO tactics we have to work more & to gain the experience. Only by the experience we can the tactics. I read an article about 2010 SEO checklist & wish to share you SEO 2010 Checklist .

same SEO techniques but social media hype and mini sites boost much in this yearโ€ฆ