SEO impact of selling a page on my site

I have a website that ranks very well in the search engines for it’s keywords. I don’t sell links on the site out of concern for the negative impact it would have on our search engine rankings.

A potential advertiser has asked if we would create a new page on the site that would promote their site and link to their site. We would then place an internal link to that page, from our own site homepage.

Would doing this result in us being penalised by the search engines?

To put it another way; is ranked well in the search engines.
If we created a page that contained links to the advertiser’s site
And then linked to

Could this damage our search engine rankings?


How is Google going to know that the page was bought? They can’t.

My only concern would be if your regular users found out that you were selling pages and not telling them.

it doesnt matter. there are good pages that promotes affiliate programs yet there are no negative effects.

Thanks for the replies tke71709 and bakers. The page I create for them will very obviously be an advertising page, will that make any difference?

Obvious to a person is not the same as obvious to a bot.

If you can nofollow the links on the page even better.

Just like with everything else - use common sense and don’t overdo it.

A presell with legit content, 1-2 paid links and 2-3 authority links might actually even benefit your site. Also - if you are selling the presell - at least charge a decent amount (for all of us’ sake :slight_smile: )

Thanks for the good advice and tips.

There are tons of sites with high PR that sell ads., and other newspapers with PR 8 or above. Google looks for the known link selling pages. A couple of ads won’t hurt a thing.

As long as the other site isn’t banned or full of junk I would do it. the biggest problem is selling everythign on your site to advertisers. Google doesn’t care about paid links as long as it is relavant and you don’t actually say that this is a paid link.

I don’t think this would be a wrong thing.Going for advertising would not have any impact on your search engine rankings.