SEO help with Artisteer designed Wordpress site

Hi! I am trying to optimize my site in a very competitive market (aren’t we all?) :rolleyes:
I was wondering if anyone knew about how well (or not) artisteer-designed wordpress templates do with SEO and how best to optimize. My site is: It started out with a range of music services but now I am focusing in on the DJ-live pianist services, in particular for the wedding market. My main competition is [url=]thedjsolution and they have got their game on!!

My plan so far is to redesign my site with more of a marketing/seo focus:

  • create a solid home landing page with client-oriented copy, USP, and a call to action–info pdf with aweber most likely.
  • update blog posts way more frequently with posts mainly about the events i play
  • keyword research: will be studying up on the forums here for some tips
  • rethink categories and tags
  • homepage link on header image
  • create a good FAQ

Anything else I should consider? I’ve heard some say that artisteer templates can be slow or need to have the code cleaned up? Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!