Seo help on redirection needed!

Hai folks,

say i have these two keyword rich domains and they have a great search volume a month.

now, is develop to a fully functional website and already indexed by google and yahoo.
now i want to make use of the as well.

my requirements are for as follows:

  • i want google to index it. so it has search engine visibility.
  • i want to redirect users to

how do i accomplish this two tasks?

You can try this - when visitors come to and want to buy tickets then link “buy now” (or other call to action) to the to the

In this way you can accomplish both of your requirements.

exactly what i though :slight_smile:
yah, then ill copy the cheap… home page to free… and link ‘buy tickets’ link in free… back to cheap. also ill submit a separate sitemap for free also.

thank you seork :slight_smile: