SEO: Header tags and span

hi guys,

i dont know if this is the exact forum. :shifty:

just would like to ask your ideas about the correct use of Header tags for SEO.

in my hotel website. i have…





Am I Correct? or do I need to change the <span>
to h4?

Hi jalmz—thread moved to the SEO forum. :slight_smile:

do I need to change the <span> to h4?

Well, firstly think not about presentation, but meaning. Are those words headings? If not, just use the span, if you just want some special styling for a paragraph—or use a specific class on the <p> instead of a span if you are going to use this style often.

Remember also that headings have a meaning. H1 says “this is te main topic of the page”. If you need to break up that content, then you’d first divide the content with H2s. Then under each H2, if you need to divide the content further, use H3s. And so on. Don’t use headings randomly.

thank you raph… heres the link…

what can you say?

Certainly I’d be using more headings there than <strong> etc. Headings identify sections of content, and provide a nice way for people using assistive technologies (like screen readers) to browse through content.

So break you content into logical sections, drilling down through the heading levels as needed (though I rarely, if ever) go beyond level 3.

what do you mean ralph? do i need use the h4?

No, I don’t think you need H4. It’s rarely needed.

Think back to your school essays, which you had to structure with logical headings etc. E.g. Your site should look something like this:

<h1>Napo Beach Resort</h1>

      <p>Maripipi island is a 27km round island with &#8230;</p>


      <p>This resort includes various features &#8230;</p>


      <p>Rooms: 7<br>
      Contact: +63 9159652935<br>

    <h3>Reasons to Visit</h3>

      <p>Text &#8230;</p>


      <table> Data </table>

  <h2>Inquiries / Bookings</h2>

      <p>Text &#8230;</p>


      <p>Text &#8230;</p>

That’s a rough outline, and could be improved, but H3 seems well and truly deep enough for this kind of info.

ahh ok … thank you ralph… i will try it… =)

Guys don’t spend too much time on headers for SEO. Make sure you don’t stuff keywords in every single header, give it some variation. Don’t overdo things. But Google doesn’t give much priority to headers, if you ask me. More important is <title>, description tags and keyword density in main content (<5%).