SEO Hashbang urls

I have a site which they have used Ajax application for search box on few pages. Is It necessary to use hash bang URL for Ajax based sites? If its necessary,should I use hash bang URL for all webpages or only on pages which they used Ajax applications?

I have another website (Site Page Rank is 4) which they didn’t use ajax applications, Normal HTML website. but they created url with hash bang. can we redirects these urls to normal html urls (Eg: com/index.html#!/services to .com/services.html) or can we use the same hash bang url for promoting normal html site? So, if we can use redirection, there will be any changes occur on page rank, back links & link Juice?

Help Me on This.

[FONT=Verdana]The best advice is to read Google’s own advice on how to ensure your Ajax URLs get indexed properly.

There’s no sense in using #! on any URL that doesn’t require Ajax – just leave them as regular URLs.[/FONT]

I agree with Stevie! it makes no sense to use # in url as Google and other search engines suggest to keep the url as simple as it can be. The simpler the url, easier will be the crawling.

First version of my webshop (made myself from scratch) used Hashbang url and after making it more crawler friendly it increased in pagerank.

But I would say the best effect on SERP must have been increased focus on good content and social media.

Today we are on page 1 on major keyword and I believe it’s because of lots of Facebook fans and good website content :slight_smile:

I agree stevie, there is no sense using of hashbang urls. But I have seen few sites which created with hashbang urls and got page rank upto 3. But none of the urls indexed By Google. Is this possible to get PR without indexing in Google? also site is not placed for any single keyword except domain name.

Yeah, I’m agreed with you google strictly dined to use hashbang url ‘#’ actually it’s happening whenever you’re trying to build a web pages through ajax. But some where I show and I have also my own experience with my company url having with #, yes of course it’s going well, So here I don’t think it’s effecting any major for seo point of view.

What would be the point of getting PR - which nobody other than webmasters knows or cares about - and not getting indexed? If you’re not indexed and your pages don’t show in search results, how are potential visitors going to find you?

I’ve said it before and no doubt I’ll say it a hundred times more … PageRank does not matter … PageRank does not determine where your site ranks for common queries, although it might give a little bit of influence, it’s no more than that. Also note that PageRank is calculated page by page, so just because a site’s home page has PR3 doesn’t mean that any other pages do. So yes, it’s perfectly possible for a site’s home page, or even a content page, to have PR3 without all the content pages being returned for certain queries.

Very well said Steve! Totally Agree!

First of all One thing which I would like to say is that Google crawler does not understand anything after # that means if your link is “com/index.html#!/services” The chances are that that link will be likely taken into account as “com/index.html” only! So make sure to rewrite the URL(if you have done any linkbuilding for that URL) and then redirection would be the another way to do! Thanks!

If you read the link I gave in post 2 above, you’d see that Google does recognise Ajax-code that follows #! as part of the URL and can include it as a separate entry on its index.