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Hey, everybody!

How do you think, SEO friendly templates are really SEO friendly or just a marketing trick?


Personally, I’d think it a marketing trick, but I’d not claim to be any sort of expert on it. A template just provides a standardised look and feel to things. Search engines are looking for content, which the template doesn’t provide. The only thing that a template may add is good structure to allow a page to be responsive - this ‘may’ provide a small benefit for those using Google on mobile devices. I’d still argue that it has to be create good content first.

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IMHO most of SEO is a marketting trick! :slight_smile:


Hey @Annie89!
I don’t think SEO firendly templates are a marketing trick and here’s why: if you’re not experienced with SEO, introducing some of the most essential tags like meta description tags can actually help a person to go in the right direction. Anyway, on buying this sort of templates you receive all in one package, isn’t it comfortable?

Yep, as for me, it seems like when on a juice pack is a 100% mark. I think that “SEO friendly” mark should be divided to some levels of “SEO friendliness”:slight_smile:

To some extent… As I’ve said in the previous comment, I think there should be “SEO friendliness” levels. A client needs to know exact components of the product and don’t hope that with a SEO friendly template his\her website will be top ranked by google.

Of course, clients should be clearly informed about that! Sometimes when people expect more than there is, they might get really disappointed and it obviously hurts the image of the company. But if SEO friendliness IS a marketing trick, if this does good and no harm, then why not giving it a try?

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