SEO for URLs

I’m having a bit of difficulty wrapping my mind around the SEO best practices for URLs. Hoping someone can give me some guidance. :slight_smile:

My understanding is that the shorter the URL the better it is for SEO. So with my redesign of my site I have tried to keep my URLs as short as I can, even bypassing tiers to do so. But now I’m questioning that. For example, I have a panel of experts and I have a landing page for them located at

On that landing page each expert has their own link to their bio page. An example would be

But when a topic is posted for that expert I have been placing it like this:

Would it be better to include the expert’s name in the URL?

And if that be the case would it be even better to organize it all under experts so that would be

and pages for that experts would be

Thanks for any insight. :slight_smile:

If ‘expert-name’ compromises of a keyword that you want to be searched for, then go ahead and include it in the URL. However, if expert-name is of little significance to you and it won’t drive you SE traffic, then I wouldn’t recommend using it.

Use the keywords that are most relevant to the article/page, in the URL. The shorter URLs are what I prefer and from my SEO experience, the less noise in the URL the better.

Hmmm. That’s a good point. I guess I’ll have to weight the value of the expert name to decide that one.

So it is true that the shorter the better? Say, for example, two sites of equal ranking are targeting pages of similar keyword content. Both have great meta tags for title, description, and keywords and are pretty equal on those levels. You’re saying that in your experience will get higher ranking than or

I suggest using category/tag names:

…this would allow vistors to navigate by topic (ie category/tag)

The URL isn’t as important as how you promote it. Google gives no extra value to either of your suggestions. My preference personally would just be to include the topic without the expert name as this is easier for visitors to view in SERPS

Using of Keywords in the URL would definitely have impact in SEO. You could do SEO faster.

From SEO prospective using of keyword in url is important and good practice