SEO for right-left writing: keywords at start of title?

I have a client from a country which uses hebrew writing system (right-left which is reverse from latin).

Now here is a tricky question about titles. As we know, keywords should appear at starting of a page title. But in hebrew is that at the end. Does Google change the order because of reverse writing system? Should we put in title keyword at starting (which is in latin at the end) or at the end (which is in latin at the starting)?

Any idea would be great.


Interesting situation. My best guess is try it the way the language specifies because the site uses that language.

Ya i agree with him. I guess Google crawlers will have language specification for each country.

Google is stuffed with PHDs, they’ll have thought of this for sure. Remember that all they’re trying to do is figure out what you page is about so they can return for relevant searches and they can’t do that if they read it back to front so they’ll have worked it into the algorithm IMO.

Definitely, a big yes!!!

I do agree with you as Google is GOOGLE, it has got its own methods to read a website and thus it can do anything and everything!!!

thus it can do anything and everything!!!

Can it light a match on a wet bar of soap?