SEO for Facebook Page and YouTube channel

Hi friends, I have a facebook page and YouTube channel. I a have 6,409 likes and YouTube visitor. No I want to reach top in google search. Can you please suggest me what is the way to reach top on google. If i do Off page SEO (like - Directory Submission, Blog, Social bookmarking…etc) for these does it help to reach top.


Promoting Facebook page in Google can be pain in the arch since there could be thousands of similar pages. On other note Google has been showing Facebook page results more than in past. Connect blog to your YouTube and Facebook pages. Keep blog update regularly. Open Google+ page and connect it to the blog.

However, since you are on Facebook make sure that you do everything to improve search on Facebook itself. They are moving towards search engine format so my first guess would be to do Facebook SEO.


Really the only ways you can optimize your social profiles for search is to fill them out completely, add keywords where possible, share on them actively, and build links to them where links to your website are less appropriate (such as from your website to your social profiles).

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You’ll have to build various backlinks, a lot infact. See, basically facebook does not hold a value since it’s only a place to discuss and not official. Website with own domain has better page and youtube being google’s own product and the biggest online streaming site, it has a value however it’s tough to get it on top as there are a lot of competitors.