SEO for Dynamic Pages

I am developing a site that runs on all dynamic content posted by users. It actually runs on a mod of Yahoo Answers. I’m wondering any tips or tricks to help crawlers navigate through the pages, and increase keyword results. The URLs look are in the format of, and I have changed meta tags to more desirable keywords. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks! :slight_smile:

Its an interesting idea. I’ve thought of doing it myself. Maybe you could set up a list of keywords you are targeting and run the posts through a thesaurus at night to match them up.

Seo is simple job for improving the website traffic. if your design your websitebased on dynamic. is very useful and easy to optimize your website.

Seo steps:

  1. try to update every 4 to 5 hrs
  2. allow the comments
    4)use h1 and h2
    5)quality content
    6)try to republish with new content for every 2 months.
    7)social bookmarking
    4)Rss submission

the URL also one the seo technic. So try use htaccess or if your developed your website i wordpress, use Custom Permalinks plugin. it supports url as like you.

yes URL Rewriting is the good idea for dynamic pages.