SEO for a webapp

Hi all,

I have a webapp which I’m developing (see signature for url), that is essentially a single page (loads of ajax calls etc loading dynamic elements) with minimal textual content. Is this an absolute nightmare from a SEO perspective? How can I go about improving matters?

Any comments at all would be extremely welcome!


no suggestions? I was thinking that adding a support forum should help things

Essentially, search engines need to see some content to understand the page. Yes, a support forum (or at least some static support pages) would probably be a big help. Lots of relevant inbound links will help. Making sure that the site application is accessible, and therefore includes text content, will also be a factor.

Thanks Steve, sounds like it mightn’t be quite as bad as I initially feared. I’m already sprinkling h1,h2, links, bold, meta tags etc throughout the main page so hopefully it wouldn’t be too bad.