SEO: Domain Names for Non-Profit CPA

I’m planning a website for a CPA who has a marketing focus on non-profit businesses. His geographic location and markets are similar to Rock Hill, SC and Charlotte, NC. They are 25-30 miles apart from one another. I’m interested in getting opinions and recommendations for better domain names that would focus around non-profit cpas for the following domain names:
Primary Domain:
Redirect Domains:,, and
Any recommendations to resources that pertain to the structuring of domain names for the purpose of seo would be greatly appreciated as well.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I might consider a .org address instead of a .com, especially if this is a non-profit. I would also try to snag the .com address, then redirect it to the .org.

If you’re using multiple domain names (apart from the simple case of different TLDs on the same name, or an alternative form that people might type in), you need to consider why you’re having more than one. It’s only worthwhile if there’s a sensible way to promote each of them separately. So you might have alias domains that you use for particular sub-brands or promotions, or for different locations.

The extra domains are only really useful in offline marketing. If you can’t think of a time when you would prefer to market the alias domain than the primary one then don’t buy it.

Thank you both for your replies. I appreciate the advice.