SEO, customized domain name redirected to authentic domain?


If someone tried to do SEO for a domain called
and they thought that they would like to get a good position in Google results for the keywords “word1 word2” they could think of buying a domain
and redirect
that is to say, redirect the new domain that was just bought to the domain that contains the website files.

The question is: would this approach work from a SEO point of view? does it make any sense? Would it get any penalization from Google?

Any suggestion is welcome.


Yes, you could do that, but you’re unlikely to get any Googlebenefit.

Google doesn’t look at the URLs it passes through, just the URL of the actual page it ends up at. If you put a redirect on a page then as far as Google is concerned, that page doesn’t exist, it’s just a gateway to another page.

The reason for having keyword-rich domain names that redirect to your main domain is for marketing, and particularly offline marketing. If you’re running an ad campaign in local media, whether it’s newspapers, TV, billboards, radio (or even online ads), you might find it easier for people to remember a URL that has keywords connected with a particular promotion than your generic company name.

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