SEO and PHP?

What is the best IDE for PHP?

Hi davidhodges, welcome to the forums,

First, SEO and PHP have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

As for IDEs there are many, eg. Eclipse, NetBeans and Aptana come to mind.
Probably best to download them and any others you can find and give them a try, if not to “learn” them, at least to give them a quick look-over.

What’s “Best” depends on your needs and limitations. eg.
Price, support, plugins, features, etc.

Please provide more information about what exactly you’re looking for.

I’ve wondering about the same question back then. I’ve done some research and reading a lot of forum posts. And you know what? Everyone gave the same answer: try it.
And now I thought the same. There is no best IDE, it’s all depending on yourself. So go try them all and choose your best IDE, those you are the most comfortable with.

But well, here’s my opinion.
I’ve tried Eclipse and Aptana, and both of them did good (And if you didn’t know yet, Aptana is built based on Eclipse) but most people think both of them are not the fastest IDE, but they’re free.
I’ve also tried Dreamweaver, it’s works great as long as you have the money. But honestly I didn’t really use most of it’s feature (and thank god I used the trial version). So don’t go waste your money if you don’t really need it.