SEO advice needed and case study

Hello everyone.

I’m looking at a case study of SEO between two websites:
TaoFibre Refractory Ceramic Fiber and [url=]Ceramic Fiber

when you search keyword: “ceramic fiber”, the .net website comes up on top.
but if you compare both sites, both sites have similar coding style. similar design. keywords are similar too.

any pointers on what area the .com domain name should improve in order to be ranked on top?

thank you for any suggestion.

OK, well for a start, both of them have coding styles straight out of the 18th century. You can improve the chances of .com doing better by ditching the layout tables, ditching the inline formatting, ditching the Javascript rollovers (c’mon, it’s 2011 here!), adding some meaningful heading tags and other semantic markup, and adding alt text to the images (or better still, use an image replacement technique for text-as-images).

One reason why the .net site is doing better is probably because it has some inbound links. Yahoo can can’t give me a single inbound link for .com, but over 60 for the .net - and while I’m sure some of them are pretty worthless directory links, some of them look like they probably are relevant and will be passing valuable googlejuice.

If you want your site to do well in search engines, you need to give it credibility by getting links to it from serious, relevant sites.

Thank you Stevie.
These are helpful tips. these are what I have noticed too. the only major difference between the two are the inbound links. can you tell me how you checked the inbound links on yahoo? are there web based tools I can use to do evaluation/analysis of the websites?

may be its due to difference of backlinks.

Hey, It seems that domain age comes into action as the domain with .net seems to be double old than the domain with .com. Further the page of domain with .net is 2 whereas the domain with .com is 0. These are the driving reason for the ranking factor for both the domain.

Ranking factors

Quality of content
Amount of content
On-site optimisation features
Domain age
Quality and age of links
The addition of quality content on a regular basis
Unethical practices
Internal linking elements
Amount of visitors

To truly analyse 2 websites we need to understand history and see all available data, otherwise you’re left with guesswork.

Improving site links can provide you well in search enine.

It’s true that your site navigation is importance to good search rankings, but is there anything in the OP’s website that you think does need to be improved? Rather than just giving generic waffly statements that don’t really help, why not have a look at the site in question and make some real, specific suggestions for that site?

The all factor for search engine ranking does matter to improve ranking he want to take his site at top in search engine. By doing internal linking of his site he would be able to tell search engine with best things about site. Use H1 for your site that you want to get ranking. And some of important page can linked well in site. By getting relevant link you build credibility in search engine.

Try to find out backlinks form yahoo explore and collect the data. Increase your site links with trusted and high PR domain. That will definitely help you out.

Meta-tagging could be another reason one ranks higher; when you write keywords into the code that don’t show on-page you can give a bit of a boost on top of your on-page SEO. It’s usually not a crazy increase, but enough to bother going to the effort.