Sending Image File thru Web Service

Is it possible to send an image file to another terminal through web service?

^^^^ It really is that simple. Their are some great web service tuts online, and you might find it easier then you think. With something like this, don’t over complicate it.

simply make a function with string return.

Are you referring to the actual image or the path to that file? If you mean the actual bytes, and more then one person will be using this app, you are looking at a huge bottleneck. So yes, it is possible, but personally, when it comes to the resources involved, wouldn’t recommend it. If the images are hosted on a ‘live’ db server, I would just pass the path to the image through other means, including the querysting or other means that would make the code process easier. So, I would have the data access code on the computer that would consume the web service.

If multiple people hit it at the same time, you might loose alot of your monthly bandwidth depending on your hosts bandwidth amount. If it is just you, go for it! :slight_smile:

Hope I was clear.

Actually, I am using the path of the image. Do you have an idea how am I going to send the image file including the path of the image through the use of a web service? Please help me.