Sending cold emails without being blacklisted as spam!

I’m sending cold emails to other businesses using my domain email. Just to clarify, this isn’t spam! The emails are to engage discussion and aren’t cold advertising.They also aren’t mass emailing, as each email will be tailored differently depending on the recipient.

Here are my questions:

  1. Will using a sub domain protect my domain in case there is trouble? For example sending emails from I really don’t want my entire domain to be blacklisted!

  2. Are there any services I should use to prevent being labelled as spam?

  3. In case things go wrong, is there a way to test if I’m blacklisted?

  4. Any other advice on the matter?

Thanks! This community is awesome! :slight_smile:

So either this false, or what youre describing isnt cold. Warm, at least. How did you get the emails and information to be able to send those emails?

Want you to think about that question, look at the first hald of the last sentence of the previous quote, and tell yourself why the answer to this is “run away from any that say they do”.

For a person who is just sending individual emails that definitely arent spam ads, you doubt yourself a lot… that said the easiest way to tell is to set yourself up an account on one of the big email services, and send yourself an email.

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