Send fax from contact form


I hope this question is in the right forum. Pls feel free to move it if it would be better elsewhere.

Is it possible to have a contact form on a web site, which when submitted is sent to a fax machine (as opposed to an email address).

One of my clients just asked for this feature and I wanted to see if anyone has any experience with / thoughts on this matter.

I googled for this and found lots of charging services that let you do this via their website, but nothing regarding if it’s possible to offer this functionality on one’s own web site.

Thanks in advance

Oh, cheers for that. That’s an excellent link.
Thanks a lot.

Maybe in the future, a script can be paste into one’s website (form) that will redirect it to the fax service website and then send the fax.

You can integrate a fax service into your web interface from providers which offer this feature. Check out here: [URL=“”]

From my experience my client ISP’s make you purchase a dedicated server to be able to send to a fax. I had a great idea of ordering online from a restaurant but that killed the project real quick.

It can be done, I’ve researched it for .NET and php but you need access to your server that you won’t get in standard packages.

You will probably find it a lot cheaper to use one of the fax services rather than set up your own.

To be able to do that you’d need to have a fax line connected to the server and be running fax software that you can pass the form content to so that it can be faxed. Most web hosting servers are not set up with this sort of capability and probably the only way you are likely to be able to get it would be to talk to a data centre about colocation of your server with that functionality installed at their centre. You’d need to find a data centre that will allow you to have a fax line into their premises to connect to your server.

Thanks Felgall,
That kind of confirms what I thought. I just wanted to check that I wasn’t missing something.

You will probably find it a lot cheaper to use one of the fax services rather than set up your own.

Yup, that was the conclusion I had reached.