Send email by click button directly?

this code for reading data from mysql .i need correct code for let user when he click button then directly
send ‘message’ to email that in same .
here the answer

so how can i do it pls?

You have nested table rows; is that on purpose? (Your first < tr> isn’t closed before the next < tr>.)

Also, it looks like the Submit button will be shown for every single row that is returned. Don’t you want the Submit button to appear only once? You should have it outside the table but still within the form, not within the php script.

But I want the buttons in side row table.
For ever massage it clked to send the teaxtarea value as massage body.
So can you help me to do that .

So your problem is that you don’t know how a Submit button will send only that one row? To do that, you will have to make each row its own form, if I’m not mistaken. You will have to get rid of the table format and replace each row as a div and put the form and submit button inside the div. The submit button will then send only the information inside its own form in the div. Understand?

Hi. StevenHu,
I do it by using <input type="hidden" name=" Vid" I'd=row['id']>
Sum thing like this and it come as what I need.
Thank again for your help.

I’d probably clean up those typos though - lose the space from the beginning of the name field, and the single-quote from the id. Dodgy editor presumably - I spend my life on here having to change MySQL into mysql when talking about the old no-longer-supported functions because of autocorrect. And I tried naming a field “auctionid” the other day, which is auto-corrected to “auctioned”.

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